This template will display your portfolio projects and allow you to set your portfolio as your site’s front page.

When you first activate Orvis, you’ll see your posts in a traditional blog format.

If you’d like to use the Portfolio Page Template as the front page of your site, as the demo site does, it’s simple to configure.

Create or edit a page. Under Page Options, in the Page Template section, assign the Portfolio Page Template to your page.

After you set the Portfolio Page Template, publish your page.

Go to the Customizer‘s Static Front Page panel and set “Front page displays” to “A static page.”


Select the page you just assigned the Portfolio Page Template to as “Front page” and set another page as the “Posts page” to display your blog posts.

The portfolio page title will appear by default. You can hide it if you prefer by going to Customize → Portfolio and check “Hide page title on Portfolio Page Template” option.

Where is the portfolio archive page?

Along with the Portfolio Page Template, your projects will be displayed on portfolio archive pages.

Let’s say you have a WordPress.com site at:

The URL of the Portfolio archive page will be:

If you’d like to add your portfolio archive page to your Custom Menu, create a custom link using the portfolio archive URL.

You can customize the portfolio archive page by changing the title, adding some content, and uploading a featured image. To do so, go to Customize → Portfolio.

Portfolio Shortcodes

Once you create a project, you can use the portfolio shortcode to display it anywhere on your site. Adding the [portfolio] shortcode to any post or page will insert your project. Learn more about working with the portfolio shortcode.